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Committed to Helping You Achieve Optimum Health and Well-Being Each Day

We provide in-home therapy services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. To speed up your recovery process from various conditions such as, joint replacement and chronic diseases, our licensed therapists can visit you in your home to help you improve your strength, mobility, balance, and communication disorders.

Home care rehabilitation therapy is the most convenient option allowing you to save energy, time and money. Our professional therapists visit you at home, so you don’t have to travel to any rehabilitation facilities. Through in-home therapy, your family members can also be more involved in your recovery process and give you the support you will need.

Our highly trained physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and medical social workers combine the latest medical knowledge, technologies, and evidence-based care to make sure you receive the specific treatment you need. We will conduct an assessment with you and create a personalized treatment plan to meet all your needs.

  • Physical Therapy. This therapy help patients improve their strength, range of motion, and prevent falls. Treatment includes a home exercise program, recommendations for assistive devices or medical equipment, and a home safety evaluation.
  • Occupational Therapy. This therapy involves special techniques and use of equipment to improve function in basic household tasks.
  • Speech Therapy. This therapy focuses on overcoming the patients’ conditions that affect their ability to communicate, swallow, and talk.
  • Social Work Services. Social workers serve as a patient advocate to address the patients’ concerns related to the emotional and physical impact of an illness or disability.
  • Home Health Aides. The role of home health aides includes assisting the patients’ physical and mental condition, their intake and output, exercise, and providing support with daily activities.

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